Pain Awareness

Our pets can experience pain just like us. They are subject to all forms of pain. Acute pain can be a result of surgery or trauma. Chronic pain can result from arthritis and tooth infections. These are just a few examples of chronic and acute pain. We would like to make your pet as pain free as possible so they can have a longer, healthy life.

It can be hard to determine if your pet is in pain. Some of the things you can watch out for are changes in behavior, reluctance to jump or go up and down stairs. Your pet may also hide or have a change in their stance. These are all signs of chronic pain, but there are also many other things that signal your beloved pet may be in pain. We can help by examining your pet, taking X-rays, and running bloodwork to help determine an appropriate treatment plan for making your pet more comfortable. If your pet is experiencing acute pain from things such as surgery, we can provide pain management so your pet can heal faster and return to their normal behavior and daily routines.

We have plans in place for your pet’s surgery and recover to make sure they are as free from pain as possible. Pain medication is given prior to their procedure and also sent home with them afterwards. When a pet is happy, eating well and pain free, they can heal faster.

If you feel that your pet is experiencing pain, please do not hesitate to make an appointment to have a pain evaluation and consultation. Remember that your pet may not vocalize their pain. If you notice a change in their behavior, loss of appetite, or they are not able to do things like they used to, it may mean that they are in pain and need to be treated. A treatment plan can be made to help your pet be comfortable and happy. September is Animal Pain Awareness Month and we at Stewartstown Vet Services want to help make your pet as pain free as possible by offering 50% off of a pain consultation.

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